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Nov 17, 2017

Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Needs smaller shoes

Needs smaller shoes & a lot more of them.

Nov 14, 2017

Spot the cat who does not want to be at the vet’s office

Not thrilled to be at the vet

Back to the vet’s for a second followup for the ear infection (and, ugh, there’s a polyp in the ear canal as well – this is apparently the result of a long-lasting ear infection) and not at all happy with the whole idea. When we went back home, Buckeley scurried willingly back into the cat carrier, even though it meant I’d be belting him back onto the xtracycle for the trip home.

Nov 11, 2017

New Code (again again)!

I ported chedit to Minix 3.3, which meant I needed to replace a getsyx() call with getyx(curscr,..) (I guess that getsyx() is an ncurses or curses-but-not-Berkeley-curses joint?) to make it compile. Version 9 – a trivial update for a trivial (and ancient) piece of code, but probably useful if you’re running Minix and don’t want the hideous default font staring back at you while you’re trying to port software (or rip out effing GNU configure so you can port the software in question.)

New Code (again)!

Ps-etc has been shoved up to version 0.7 to support Minix 3.3 (there’s a stock pstree that you can get for minix 3, but it doesn’t actually work) and to catch a couple of cosmetic bugs that were occasionally biting me (displaying the process vs command line when I passed the -a option) on other platforms but which made the output on minix pretty much useless.

Behold the final product (cut short to fit on an 80x25 console window):
pstree on Minix 3

New Code!

Postoffice has been pushed up to version 1.5.10 with a single bugfix (a spooler problem where it would write duplicate message-id’s into messages that were first given to postoffice w/o a message id), a small handful of tweaks to improve portability, and a couple of small code changes (using waitpid() instead of wait3() and changing the prototype for the local setproctitle() function to use const char*) to work around miscoded features in Minix 3.3.

Will it explode? Probably not; the two code changes are very minor, and in a world where waitpid(0,...) actually works (the real world, I hope!) shouldn’t impact any machines which the previous versions already work on. So you should download it and see!

Nov 10, 2017

Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Torch line nest

A cozy nest for a Dust Mite

Nov 04, 2017

Not actually a workstations

I wish

A first generation Apple TV (picked up at Goodwill for $20) that I’m poking and prodding into being our stereo system. They keyboard looks pretty, but the kernel on this particular Unix box doesn’t have USB support so all it’s just decorative (and even if not, Frontrow – that is not a UI that deals well with keyboards.)

My long-term goal is to trawl the web to see if anyone has figured a way to drive the iTunes on this thing from a shell; if I can play music from a command line, then I can do it from a tiny web server and get an interface that’s not quite as klunky as the Remote app on the iPhone.

Nov 03, 2017

Friday Dust Mite Blogging™


Oct 31, 2017

Temporarily a sweet fixie

Temporary sweet fixie

Feeling Lucky? built up as a temporary fixie so I can do some break-in rides before painting it and sending it out east. (Well, brazing on canti posts, brake & chainstay bridges, and putting in ports for the internal wiring before painting, but that’s a matter of 45 minutes of prep, glue, and cleanup)

Oct 29, 2017

I guess it’s fall now

Fall color (1)

A maple just prior to shedding all of its leaves

Oct 28, 2017

Adaptive reuse

An unfortunate design decision

A new life for a broken fork

I was given a broken Elephant NFE fork (a first-generation one with thin & skinny fork blades; the reaction arm for the disc brake ended right at the lowrider mounts, so an enthusiastic brake application snapped the blade right there) and decided that it would make an ideal candidate for reuse as a rack jig. So I lopped the fork blades off (at a 72.5° angle) just below the rack mountpoints and brazed the thing onto a steel plate.

Now to get some matching brown paint to spray it with, then a piece of felt to glue under the steel plate, and then I’ll have a useful and ornamental shop tool.

Oct 27, 2017

Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Mite & stems

Comparing a homemade steel stem to a purchased aluminum stem. The steel stem weighs about the same by distance as the aluminum stem does, but the aluminum stem has the handlebar clamp perpendicular to the stem clamp whilst the steel one does not. Dust Mite makes a worse stem than either of them, of course, because it doesn’t do much in the whole clamping department.

Taking the scenic route back home

Every bike a gravel bike

Taking the long way back to Westmoreland from the Community Cycling Center.

Oct 25, 2017

kludge or clever hack?

Bosses for Paul Racer brakes

I’m building a frame that’s going to be fitted with Paul Racer brakes, but the ones I was given to put on the machine were ones with a backplate for mounting to the brake bridge and/or fork crown. Well, the offending frame is going to have a brake bridge and fork crown, but the holes drilled in those are dedicated to holding the fender in place (rear wheel) and rack in place (front wheel), so I needed to do some tweaking to make things fit.

So, for the front wheel I took a pair of U-brake bosses, and for the rear wheel I took a pair of 13mm offset canti bosses, then chopped the actual bosses off so I was left with the bases & a bit of threaded hole. So I can take the existing brake mounts (which are a pair of unthreaded bosses that are loaded by a bolt and the Paul Racer spring boss), unscrew them from the backplate, and bolt them into these bases. It’s about $7 of bosses, which if it works is a good solution that keeps the brakes in a state where they can be removed and reassembled in the original form if the rider decides they want to use Dia-Compe, MAFAC, or even V- or cantilever brakes instead.

Oct 21, 2017

It’s all over except for the fenders

All finished except for the fenders

And I need to adjust the front rack before I can put the front fender on, so it’s going to stay a fairweather bike for a while longer.

Oct 20, 2017

Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Still life with Dust Mite & NFE rack platform

Checking the rail positioning on a 10x8 rack

Oct 17, 2017

(Almost) ready for reassembly


It needs to be drilled for the lighting (NDS chainstay for taillight, fork for the wire run up to the wire junction for headlight + taillight) and I’m waiting on a B&M Seculite from starbike, but other than that it’s almost time to put this bicycle back together and dismantle the front end of the mountainhack for repainting.

Oct 15, 2017

Trolley picture of the day

An Oak Grove-bound train passes through downtown Milwaukie

An Oak Grove-bound train composed of a SD600 and a Type 1 car heads south through downtown Milwaukie yesterday afternoon.

Oct 13, 2017

Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Harvest Mite

Still life with dust mite & acorn squash

(not so) old paint

Paint the town green?

Slowly working my way through my unpainted frame bits. Today was the 3-speed/IGH project frame/bike; it’s sitting in the “paint booth” curing for a couple of days, then I’ll put decals & a clearcoat on and reassemble everything, and after that I’ll be able to pull apart the mountainhack’s front end and try to match the pink/green fade that I painted that frame with.

Oct 11, 2017


King Street rainbow(s)

A nice side-effect of the scattered rain in the Portland area this afternoon.

Chinese fender day

Chinese Fender Day

I’d prefer a set of metal 650b-radiused fenders, but they cost money and I had these Planet Bike w/ reflective orange star fenders lying around after I stripped the carcass of the kit bike for parts, so (after a few days riding the mountainhack in the rain) I stuffed them onto the emergency randonneuse this morning so I could ride it instead.


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