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Aug 31, 2013

The helpful cat

Buckley & my laptop

Buckley keeps my laptop warm.

Aug 30, 2013

Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

mite bottle

Alas, the 50-bottle minimum order means that this will likely never see the light of day.


Aug 28, 2013

Chasing after a streetcar

Blue/Orange sails down MLK

Catching up to Blue/Orange on MLK Blvd.

Aug 26, 2013

Railroad (de)construction photo of the day

The deck has been stripped from the old Portland Traction bridge over Telford Road

The last 2.4 miles of the Springwater Trail to Boring are being paved right now, and part of that paving effort appears to be putting a new deck on the old Portland Traction bridge over Telford Road. At least it involves removing the old deck; I guess it could be that the whole bridge is going to be removed and replaced with one that gives more room for cars, but I don’t know for certain.

Aug 24, 2013

Make way for rockets

Slow down for missiles

A “Slow Down!” sign on Eaden Road.

Aug 23, 2013

Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Dust Mite wristwatch

Dust Mite carries a watch around.

Aug 22, 2013

raptor photo of the day

An osprey and its nest

An Osprey sits watch above its nest.

Railroad picture of the day

Bloody-nosed twinkie

A northbound Coast Starlight comes off the Steel Bridge.

Aug 18, 2013

Trolley (construction) picture of the day

P&W bridge, trolley bridge, cranes

The viaduct from downtown Milwaukie to the ex-Portland Traction ROW along the west side of 99e now crosses 99e (after a weekend closure to lift the steel into place.)

Aug 16, 2013

Waterfall picture of the day

North Falls

North Falls in Silver Falls State Park

Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

I share my lunch with Dust Mite

Dust Mite shares my lunch.

Aug 15, 2013

Chomp chomp yum yum

Burrito & science diet

Trying something different in the rando fud division; a bean+hummus+tofu+avocado+tomato+lettuce burrito, with a science diet (nuun) chaser. Sitting under a tree and having a snack makes a nice way to wait until a rainshower goes by, and it’s better when that snack actually has some food value.

Aug 12, 2013

Railroad picture of the day

A Northbound Portland-Spokane train scoots past as I take a picture

The Portland section of the Empire Builder crosses NW 17th Ave as it heads off to meet the rest of the Empire Builder in Spokane.

Aug 11, 2013


Low-lying clouds up towards Silver Falls

A word to the wise; it’s a bad idea to start off on a (moderately) hilly 200 without any protein-shaped objects in my handlebar bag, particularly after pretty much not riding any distance for the last couple of weeks. I let most of the smoke out climbing up to Silver Falls, and ended up completely stalling three times on the Leland Road ramp into Oregon City.

I got home (after an 11 hour loop, ugh!) feeling much as if I had been hit by a car, but after drinking 16 oz of soymilk and eating a pb&h sandwich I feel much better. A bit sore, and a bit tired (enough to make me think that going out and doing a 400 tomorrow is a non-starter… we will see if I wake up sans alarm at 5am and am itching to go. If not, eh, I’ll ride the 400 sometime next week and save up my energy until wednesday and see if I’m recovered enough from the time off to do a 600) but that’s to be expected after grinding myself down to a nub on the line.

Aug 10, 2013

Post some Bills

Post a lot of Bills

The fence around the Eastmoreland golf course is helpfully signed “POST NO BILLS” every 100 meters or so. One of the signs is right at the junction of 28th & Woodstock, which happens to be directly across from Reed College.

I think that once the idea got into someone’s head it was impossible for them not to follow through with it, and it seems to have gone viral.

Aug 09, 2013

Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Tower of Mitel

A stack of Dust Mites.

Aug 03, 2013

Trolley picture of the day

Orange/Red sails over a tender and an RSD-5

Orange/Red approaches the eastside line’s temporary OMSI terminal while a RSD-5, a Trackmobile, and a tender sit below in the ORHF’s shop yard.

Aug 02, 2013

Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Bagged Mite

Dust Mite explores a mesh bag from our tent.

I’m not the only person with a camera

David of the mists


Lovely day for a ride, or something

The weather yesterday was supposed to be “cloudy AM, clearing PM”, so Stasia Honnold and I decided that this would be a lovely time to ride up to the top of Larch Mountain.

Well, the “clearing PM” part of the forecast was a lie – not only was it cloudy (and periodically drizzly) all day, but the clouds were at ~2500 feet, which, conveniently, is 1500 feet below the top of Larch Mountain. We were cold on the climb up the mountain, and freezing on the way down until we got to about 800 feet and fell into the layer of warm air that filled the Willamette Valley.

But the blackberries (and, at higher elevations, thimbleberries & salmonberries) are ripening, so the trip got interrupted periodically to pull off to the side of the road and forage for berries.