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Low-lying clouds up towards Silver Falls

A word to the wise; it’s a bad idea to start off on a (moderately) hilly 200 without any protein-shaped objects in my handlebar bag, particularly after pretty much not riding any distance for the last couple of weeks. I let most of the smoke out climbing up to Silver Falls, and ended up completely stalling three times on the Leland Road ramp into Oregon City.

I got home (after an 11 hour loop, ugh!) feeling much as if I had been hit by a car, but after drinking 16 oz of soymilk and eating a pb&h sandwich I feel much better. A bit sore, and a bit tired (enough to make me think that going out and doing a 400 tomorrow is a non-starter… we will see if I wake up sans alarm at 5am and am itching to go. If not, eh, I’ll ride the 400 sometime next week and save up my energy until wednesday and see if I’m recovered enough from the time off to do a 600) but that’s to be expected after grinding myself down to a nub on the line.