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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Dust Mite & cherry blossoms

We live just north of the farm where Bing developed his self-named cherry variety, and when we moved into our house there was a huge and ancient bing cherry tree slowly dying in the backyard. I think this may have been a first-generation bing, and in the last few years before it joined the choir invisible it produced bumper crops of completely inaccessable cherries (the tree was about 25 feet tall and the lowest living branch was 15 feet up, so no we couldn’t harvest the cherries at all) and one of them ended up setting root next to our dining room window. It’s now about 16 years old and it’s producing a fine crop of cherry blossoms (and presumably a fine crop of cherries, but the local squirrels & birds get most of them), but is sheltered enough so that it goes into bloom about a week after most of the other local cherries do.

This year Dust Mite managed to get out and see the cherry flowers before they all blew away.