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A dyke & her bike

A dyke & her bike

In the middle of coming back from the courthouse after filing to change my legal name & sex. Note the rakish angle of the saddle; I’d hit a pothole and the silly thing slid back and down (the one good thing about this is it reminds me that I need to set up an appointment to do some additional repair work.)


Your new name? Will orc remain a good nickname? I am so very happy for you.

Lynn Dobbs Sun Feb 25 18:55:39 2024

I’m adding to my pile of names; Legally it’s gonna be Jessica, online still Orc, and friends and family get to call my by my old name.

David Parsons Tue Feb 27 20:40:46 2024

I love you and Julie. You two and Piglet are in my mind every single day. Beach Boink brick is on my shelf. I think your existence saved me from suicide. I adore your ability to be “different” and to be okay with that. That was what saved me.

Lynn Dobbs Mon Mar 11 10:48:11 2024