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Aug 26, 2004

Nummy butter

I was cooking recently and trying simultaneously to keep Silas occupied. So I plunked him onto a chair by the counter near me and got him to stir and sort and stuff.

This worked fine till I got distracted by something at the stove. I heard him chattering away but wasn't really paying attention for a bit. Then I realized what the words were: he was happily chirping, "Butter for YOU! Butter for YOU!" I looked at him and realized he was scooping up spoonfuls of butter and eating them. "You silly... are you eating the butter?" "NUMMY butter! NUMMY butter!"

Sigh... essence of Two. Too cute to scold.

The Scream (of laughter)

Of course I was distressed to read that Edvard Munch's The Scream was stolen from an Oslo museum. It did remind me of a funny Russell story, however.

When Russell was littler (probably two), he saw The Scream up on my computer screen (I forget why). His descriptive comment on it was: "Person going: AAAAHCHOO!"

Powers of observation

We drove past a no parking sign on the street the other day. Russell asked what the red P sign was, and I explained that P was for parking and that the sign meant "no parking". He thought a bit and then added, "And signs with green P's mean that parking is OK." I replied, "Yes, that's right; that's very observant of you."

Then he elaborated further, "And signs with yellow P's mean, 'park faster.'"