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May 30, 2004

A Russell story (from March 2004)

Once there was a box. There were a whole bunch of books in it, and the books had a knife on top of all the books. The knife cut through the books; they fixed all the books but then KERTHUD! the house fell apart! Then the whole city fell apart and the planets fell apart and the sun and the rain and the clouds and then everybody came back and there were DINOSAURS everywhere and then Laura came around and Pa and Ma and big sister Mary and little sister Carrie [from the Little House books] and all of those old people came along and then we came along and lived with those people. And that was a happy time.

May 22, 2004

Little Bears and Their Parents

A weblog!! A weblog!!

We have to go pick the kids up from Kids' Day (at which one couple watches four four-year-olds and five two-year-olds, including ours; more on this later), but I can't stand to walk away without making an entry.

So here's one of my favorite Russell and Silas pictures, from last October.