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Jun 05, 2005

Adventures with Potato Head and the Gang

Russell is really into learning about animals and ecology lately. Today the kids are playing with the giant germs. Silas was defining which one was the baby, mama, and dada: " 'Eh-wo,' yed da mama, 'I your mama'. 'Eh-wo,' yed da udder mommy, 'I your mommy.'."

Russell got the big stegosaurus puppet out and I heard him explain to Silas, "The dinosaur is their only natural predator." Then the dinosaur started to chomp on Sore Throat, who is commonly known as Potato Head.

As I type this, Potato Head, Common Cold, Cough, and Dust Mite are all lined up "asleep," except Ulcer is coming around saying, "Dust Mite! You're supposed to be asleep!" (Russell)

Now Common Cold is on the train tracks. "A train coming! Hop!" (Silas)

Flu uses his nose to cut stuff and his tail to pick up stuff. Ulcer uses her eight arms (hair-like things) to pick things up. Fact-filled digression on squid and octopuses. (Russell)

Now they're rolling down the slope of the sofa, racing. (both kids; complicated rules by Russell). Ulcer wins the prize! The prize is tubes to fix the sewers! (tubes are really the Saxoflute parts)

Now Russell and Silas are rolling and sliding down the sofa.

Now some of the rounder germs have been gathered up. "Dese guys are balls, yo I ten play battetball." (Silas)

etc. etc. etc.