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May 12, 2005

Questions that give me pause

"Mom, is the cat's medicine a kind that people can take too?"

Fortunately, the question turned out to be inspired by the fact that we picked it up at the same pharmacy where we pick up our medicine. (And I'm betting if it were for an uninsured person instead of an uninsured cat, it would have cost ten times as much.)

May 10, 2005

Pop goes the culture

As previously noted, Russell and Silas have somewhat spotty exposure to popular culture, what with the no-TV-in-our-house and anti-Disney things, so their interpretations of what they do pick up are often highly entertaining.


"What's a light saver, Mommy?"

"A light saber?"

"No, a light saver."

"Where did you hear about a light saver from?"


"Well, I guess you'll have to ask him what it is."

"Maybe it's a flashlight you save light in and shine it in people's eyes and then hit them with a sword on their back!"

Take that, Darth Vader! The ecoweenies strike back!


Silas has long been very interested in Spiderman and loves saying "I Piderman!" when he wears his raincoat with a spider and web design on it. But it wasn't until recently that he told me quite matter-of-factly that Spiderman eats people.

So THAT'S what his web is for...

May 09, 2005

See No Scary, Hear No Scary, Speak No Scary

Russell's Grandma took him to see Winnie-the-Pooh on Sunday (which was especially lucky for him and his parents since I spent Mother's Day semi-comatose or vomiting, thanks to some nasty virus, so I was not much help for care and feeding of bears).

When he got home, I asked him about it. The first thing he told me was that it was kind of scary. I asked if he could tell me what was scary, and he answered, "Yes, I can tell you, but I have to plug my ears first." So he proceeded to stick his fingers in his ears before telling me about the kangaroos taking Piglet (or something like that). Isn't that the cutest thing?!

Later he told me lots of other details, like Pooh being up in the air as a cloud, and how the characters were dressed, and so on; but those did not require extreme measures to recount.

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