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New Code!

After a considerable interval, annotations has been pushed up to version with the addition of a single feature.

My old archives were just a list of the year+month where I’d posted articles to the weblog. After a few years, this gets to be a fairly long list (8 years ~100 lines) which is hard to navigate. So I modified reindex.c to support calendar-style archives, where instead of a list you end up with a list of tables where each table looks like this:

Jan Feb Mar Apr
May Jun Jul Aug
Sep Oct Nov Dec

which is considerably shorter than the old scheme.

It’s enabled by the option calendararchive in weblog.conf (this overrides the old simplearchive option (which was used to generate an unstyled list of <li>...</li entries)) and it’s written to archive.html just as all of the the otherly formatted archives are written.

It’s still a pile of garbage, of course, but it’s now a pile of garbage with a new archive list format.