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New Code! (#2 in a series)

Discount has, after a few months where I was occupied putting out a bunch of fires (then starting new fires … whoops!) been shoved up to version 2.1.5a with the addition of a whole bunch of tweakery to make it build and compile without the llvm C compiler throwing a screaming fit over imaginary deviations from the latest non-backward-compatable C standard of the year, as well as a small collection of new features.

The feature and bug list is

This code has been pushed through the testsuites without failures (or core dump) and is now being used on this weblog (if you can see this post, it works), so it’s the ideal New Code! for you to load onto your machines and see what falls out.

(there was a 2.1.5 briefly, but then I discovered that I misplaced a #ifdef on a piece of experimental code and instead disabled SETEXT headers. Whoops! again, but for a different reason!)