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Project(s) of the day

Green tool roll with yellow liningBright green tool roll with yellow lining

I’d put my handmade saddlebag (and Carradice bagman duplicate rack) I’d made a couple of years ago onto the project bike so I could have something to carry a multitool, patch kit, and a spare tube in, but that bag is much too big for just those few items. And today I was close enough to the surface to want to practice taping edges & seams before starting the next three handlebar bag projects (plus another roll-top porteur bag for the project bike.)

What’s a nice simple project that needs to be taped, and that won’t eat up many hours before I get to the point of sewing the tape on? Tool rolls; ~16×16 squares of cordura for the outside, a ~16×10 rectangle of yellow fabric for a liner, and a couple of yards of tape.

About half an hour each, and neither of them is so appalling that I wanted to throw them out when I was finished! (I made the somber green one first, but the huge tubes for the project bike were a very tight fit into the tube pocket, so I dragged out a chunk of bright green to make one with a larger tube pocket to replace it.)