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*POP!* goes the camera sensor

Giant red porteur bag

After making a roll-top porteur bag for a friend, I decided that I wanted to make one up for myself (I’d taken my porteur-randonneur bag out for a 80 mile loop a few weeks ago and had it get fairly saggy; I took it out for a 90 mile loop this past weekend and had to wedge a piece of coroplast under it to keep it from sagging), so I sat down this morning and cranked this one out (in about 4 hours exclusive of making a lining and sewing it into the bag) so I can try it on the 230km loop I’m going to do with a few friends this upcoming weekend.

This one has one external mesh pocket in the front, and is assembled more like my big rando bags (a single front-bottom-back piece with separate side panels.) It’s actually two different sensor-frying shades of red, but you can’t actually see the difference because the camera sensor can’t resolve them as anything other than RED!!!

It’s not the most efficient thing for randonerding (no mapcase, no side pocket to put my camera into) but it’s certainly worth trying. And it will certainly work better than a rando bag for grocery shopping (300mm × 300mm × 450mm – almost big enough to fit two big rando bags into!)



Noves_Cosha Fri Mar 23 09:33:14 2012

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