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The limitations of a macbook air

Who would have thought that saving approximately 35,000 jpeg images would pretty much fill up an 80gb disk (as of now, after a couple of rounds of cleaning up everything but iPhoto, there’s about 700mb left free on crepe.)

And because it’s a macbook air, it’s (a) not particularly easy to dismantle it to remove the hard disk, nor is it (b) easy to find an inexpensive larger disk for the thing (and, really, by “inexpensive” I mean “free” – I’m using an ancient free Olympus D510 as my temporary camera now that the *istDS is dead and in pieces, but whatever money I’ve got from selling off my more meaningless possessions (a chain of LED deck lights? WHY???) is going to have to go to get a replacement camera body, preferably one that has replaceable lenses, but definitely one that has a < 1 sec startup time and > 2 images/sec cycle time. And I don’t expect that my lottery ship will be coming in to solve that problem) so I guess I could just move everything over to the old macbook poison (that had its 60gb drive die under warranty, so it was replaced with a 250gb one because the Apple Store people couldn’t get 60gb units any more) then put the air up for sale to reduce the # of excess computers lying around the house.