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Still dead

Dead Pentax guts

I pulled the Pentax apart to extract the shattered LCD screen and see if there were any obvious loose connections between the camera, the processor board, and the SD slot.

The SD slot is built onto the processor board, so no, nothing loose there, but I did disconnect all of the connections to the processor board, lifted it, and set it back down before reconnecting everything (except the LCD – part# 270CGX 446S04A, which appears to be obscure enough so that not even the big search engines can find it) together.

Still no joy in mudville; the shutter continues to stick, and the images are pretty much all black. So there’s either comething loose deep inside the system (and to pull it apart would probably require me to cut all of the various power lines and solder submini couplings into them for easy assembly and disassembly) or the ultimate drop managed to break something.

So I’ll keep haunting ebay to see if a used *istDS shows up, then buy a few lottery tickets to see if it’s time for me to buy an Epson R-D1 + a k-mount to leica mount adapter (though if I did win the lottery I could just go out and buy really fast lenses to replace the poor broken Pentax f1.2 prime I’ve got now) , or something more evil than that.

(If I do get something evil, I’m going to get one of the metal ones. There are too many pieces knocked out of the bottom of the Pentax to make me happy with plastic.)