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New Code!

Discount has been pushed (after a long delay because I’ve been flakey this year) up to version 1.6.5 with the addition of a couple of features and the deletion of a few more bugs/defects.

The now-elided bugs are:

  1. properly handle html comments w/o spaces
  2. fix nested list handling with unindented list items.
  3. Add config.h to the dependency lists for cols & echo, so those functions will properly rebuild after a reconfig.
  4. More plan9 fixes from Josh Wood; this one adds the flag _C99_SNPRINTF_EXTENSION to tell the APE cc that, yes, I do really want to be using snprintf() and I know that C99 has it return the size it wants to populate.
  5. don’t describe <style> blocks as mystery node during markdown -d

And the new features are:

  1. add a VALID_DOCUMENT magic flag to the MMIOT structure, so that if someone attempts to double-free it, the second attempt will just not work instead of causing a core dump.
  2. restructure the blocktag[] array into a STRING(), so users can add additional block tags as they desire.
  3. in relation to this, add the library function mkd_add_html5_tags(), which adds (globally, and non-removably) a handful of new tags for html5 support.

As an artifact of me being flakey, these features & bugfixes have not been tested nearly as much as I would want, but I have written testcases for them, which they pass, and they don’t appear to make the markdown test suites fail for me. So they’re just the New Code! that you want to install, so you can test them for me.

I’ll be in the bomb shelter waiting for bug reports.