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Killing my right hand, one digit at a time

The first finger to go got pinched while I was fixing the lawnmower. The second finger got pinched while I was dismantling a bamboo flooring display (the bamboo flooring was assembled into a 18x18 square, which was nailed and (badly) glued to a slab of homasite -- I was driving a wedge in to separate the two and the handle squashed my big finger into the homasite.) The third finger got nailed today when I was cleaning yard debris off the (collapsing, and covered with branches, weeds, and other junk) retaining wall at the back of the property and managed to disturb a yellowjacket nest. One yellowjacket managed to sting me, and it stung me through the glove I was wearing, and to add insult to injury it got me right on the tendon. I'd managed to avoid bee-stings for the first 45 years of my life, and I realize now that this was the right choice.

I can hardly wait to see what happens to the next finger.