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Not the best day to look at engines

Today was not the best day to look at Eng!s; I got down to my usual bus transfer at 17th and Haig, and there was nothing there except for the (delayed) afternoon transfer job, led by GP38-2(?) #528 and a collection of SD40-2s. It had, according to the brakeman, been waiting for "a while", and by the time I left for the bus at 6:10, it had been waiting for an even longer while.

The one interesting thing I discovered today is that, at least around Portland, there are some UP trainmen who refer to locomotives as "motors". This is a terminology that I've not seen anyone use for diesels; I'm used to people calling electric locomotives motors, but not diesels.


I’ve heard that for the deisels. When I was a teenager, I made friends with the crew of a local freight that started and ended in Roseville. I made a loop through Auburn and points east. The crew called their engine a motor.

But they didn’t call all engines motors. I think it had something to do with size. The local had two tiny engines.

Lynn Thu Jun 29 08:35:03 2006

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