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Theocracy Ho!

The latest bagman sent Focus on the Family a "thank you" letter after being appointed to the Supreme Court. Lovely. "Thank you" letters like this are usually promises that can be redeemed for valuable government favoritism sooner or later (in this case most likely when the South Dakota abortion ban makes it up to the US Supreme Court, but I'm sure that there are a few anti-gay laws that will need to be rubberstamped by the judicial arm of the Evil Party.)

And people wonder why so many pro-choice liberals are angry about NARAL and Planned Parenthood asking them to send thank-you letters to Lieberman and Chaffee for giving Scalito a free pass to the Supreme Court?

(link via firedoglake)


Why doesn’t Sammy just start handing out coathangers to women?

The next one had better be stopped dead in his/her tracks.

Dave Wed Mar 1 17:54:15 2006

By whom? After the embarrassing rollover by the Democrats on bagman #1 and #2, I certainly don’t expect favors from them on bagman #3 (particularly not since NARAL and Planned Parenthood supported Joementum and Chafee when they rolled on the filibuster; the pro-choice forces are pretty much the only thing left that anyone in the Democratic party pays attention to, and if they’re willing to let Roe v. Wade be overturned, that’s not much of a reason for any Democrat to develop a backbone.)

I’m hoping that I can convince my family to move to Canada soon; it would be a lot more interesting watching the maelstrom develop if I wasn’t in the middle of it.

David Parsons Thu Mar 2 15:13:02 2006

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