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An unexpected benefit of using firefox and adblock

After bunging all the popular ad-spewing domains into the circular file, the A-list weblogs I read become so ad-free that I tend to forget that they're ad-infested, and am only reminded when the owners of those weblogs feel obliged to promote some of the ads over to the editorial section of their web pages. I don't know how long this will last before the advertising agencies start giving Special Treatment to their ads to foil adblock (the Amsterdam junket ads appear to have already done this, because when I reflexively adblocked the scarlet pixels, a couple of the sellout weblogs became instantly unreadable because they were picking up their background image from the ad, leaving nothing but dark green letters on a light green background. It's not so bad when I can't read a social weblog, but if, say, Atrios started doing something like that I would be a very unhappy camper because I'd have to start writing my own firefox extensions to more creatively block the offensive ads.)


One disadvantage of using Firefox: it remembers all my passwords, so I’ve forgotten them all. Yeah, I can jump through the hoops and retrieve them, but that doesn’t help when I’m at the flying club’s kiosk computer and suddenly realize that I don’t remember my userid and password for ScheduleMaster.

Paul Tomblin Wed Mar 1 14:42:46 2006

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