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That muffled detonation you just heard? That was my head exploding.

Okay, so

  1. The B*sh junta knew about Katrina
  2. The B*sh junta got phone calls about Katrina
  3. The B*sh junta got memos about Katrina
  4. And there are videos showing people warning Maximum Leader Genius about what Katrina would do.

It's just like the Bin Laden Determined To Attack memos. It's just not important unless there's money to be made from the event.

Redneck mother is wondering why we haven't impeached the Coward in Chief. I know of 55 (62 if you want to include the 7 quisling Democrats) reasons why we haven't impeached that bastard; the Evil Party won't impeach their puppet if the only people at risk are the lower classes (and by lower classes they mean people who make less than US$400,000/year.) I don't think that impeachment would be enough; perhaps an independent commission should be formed instead?