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Stupid People need a Stupid God (pt 2: kook bait)

A few months ago, I made a little throwaway post about "intelligent design" and the stupid people who believe in it. TSFR is not exactly what you'd call a popular weblog, so the post dropped into the archives without a ripple.

Until today.

One of the neat side-effects of having a statistics bot tracking my website (yes, I should use webalizer, but I'm too lazy to try and wedge it into the maze of logfiles I've got here) is that I get to see the search terms that people use to get to TSFR. I was wasting a few minutes seeing what attracts the casual viewer, and saw the G**gl* search for "People Need God". This was pretty funny, and I was telling the best about this hilarious search when I clicked through to my post.

It had a comment. A comment by a fairly irate "christian" who, despite his inability to read or think, poured out a nice long paragraph of belligerent pseudo-"caring" drivel. After the first sentence, I was laughing too hard to read it clearly, but apparently I'm

  1. A lapsed jew.
  2. Named Arthur.
  3. Who is porn addicted.
  4. Doesn't have a girlfriend.
  5. And woke up one morning and decided to go to hell.

And, to make things better, my kookish commentator (from Virginia. Imagine that.) seems to have learned his evolutionary critiques from a smudged comic book. I cannot do it justice; you need to read the comment yourself to see a fully functional idiot star in (for lack of a better word) action.