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Stupid people need a stupid god.

Arthur Silber has a brief post up about "intelligent design" loonies who are having some sort of propagandafest to push their stupid pretend theories.

The whole idea of "intelligent design", of course, is that because living things are complicated, that means that there's no way that they just evolved and they had to be designed (on May 6th, 6006BC, around teatime) by G-d some mysterious superpower that mysteriously resembles G-d, because if they just came out and said "G-d made everything on May 6th, 6006BC, around teatime" the whole idea would be laughed at, even by many of the fundamentalist kooks who would otherwise support it. And this is pretty funny, too. Because this is the Jewish G-d we're talking about; this is someone who woke up on monday, decided that it was time to create the entire universe, and had it finished and filled with worshippers by the end of the workweek. The entire universe, mind you, but the "intelligent design" people seem to think it's too hard for G-d to set the earth up so that evolution will end up with complicated living creatures on it.

One of the pious comments that are made when some horrible disaster happens (tsunami in Asia, droughts in Africa, the GOP metastasizing into the Evil Party, etc) is that it's "G-d's will" and people can't know what's in G-d's mind. Unless, of course, it's some complicated technical thing (like, oh, programming a VCR), and then the huge mound of evidence that says THIS IS HOW I MADE THE WORLD! must be ignored, because, well, it's hard to program a VCR and if I can't do it that means that G-d can't do it either! If I was Jewish (and by Jewish, I include Christians and Muslims.) I'd be claiming that supernovas are when G-d's brain explodes from frustration with the idiots who don't bother to use the blob of tissue that sits at the top of their spinal column.

The only thing "Intelligent design" has going for it is that it's a shorter way of saying "We are the stupid people! Come and bilk us, please!"


I'm going to guess that you've heard the story of salvation, and I'm also going to guess that it didn't make you think twice, do you even think? You need to think CRITICALLY about something, probably for the 1st time in your life. Because if you don't think about this and you stay closeminded and cold hearted you are going to spend ETERNITY burning, and never dieing, in hell. No one deserves to go there, not even people like you, Jesus loves you. Do you believe in anything? You must feel pretty incomplete. Depressed? Spend all your time on the computer? Porn addict? Dont have a girlfriend? If there isn't a "Greater being" how do explain what happened? Do think you evolved from mold, to monkeys, to you? Or did you just give up on trying to find a reason, no of course you have an explanation, your not STUPID. You think your being logical, but whats logical about two things colliding in space and spinning and all this crap that can only happen once, every theory in science can be backed up and RE-DONE, how bout you try and make someone, blow-up people don't count, sorry! You say you were jewish but now you have no faith, what happened? Did you just wake up one day and decide you wanted to go to hell? Because thats whats going to happen. So many things about evolution and spontanious Generation have been disproven, do you how many times they have went back and changed something, and still none of it makes sense. If evolution is true man never walked with beast, so when they find a fossil of a "Dinosaur" and a man in the same layer of rock why is it wrong? BECAUSE IT DOESNT FIT THEIR THEORY! So they make up some b/s excuse they dont have an explanation for. So what is left for your faith, do you even have faith in yourself. Can you prove to yourself the way you believe is right? You should try it. God is a fact, and your going to face it one day. After all these years how would the Bible have made it if it wasn't correct. Your internet post will not last that long, what does that tell you. "humans have a hole in their heart just the size and shape for a Greater Power." Prove it wrong with fact ARTHUR, and then you wont be stupid. Until then,Ill pray for you, fool.

Someone who Cares Tue Sep 27 20:43:11 2005

You are a niave, bitter, sad, and extremely wrong OLD MAN!!!!!

dsf hjhdsafj Tue Sep 27 22:01:37 2005

"so when they find a fossil of a "Dinosaur" and a man in the same layer of rock why is it wrong? "

This is hilarious. Coincidently, I came across "Dr." Baugh's site today, where the above commenter's 'evidence' seems to originate. Dr. Baugh's site is definitely worth a visit. ; )

Will Tue Sep 27 23:37:44 2005

First of all, you are someone who thinks too highly of himself:ERROGANT ASS. I would like to say that people with too much to say shouldn't say anything. You think we come from some alien planet?, isn't that more insane than thinking that there is a god. Maybe you need to take a long long time off of your studies and settle down to realize that you have no purpose in your life and nobody will care when you die because you are probably unable to be loved. Whenever you realize this, it will be too late and may the great god in heaven have no mercy on your soul. I just want you to think a little while about your purpose in life and whether it is worth wasting all of your years trying to do. YOU SPEND ALL OF YOUR LIFE ARGUEING. Write me back after you find your self.

your going to hell Sun Oct 16 12:34:55 2005

dude just look at this one think how come sence we kicked God out look at how the hole countrys gone to hell how we have so much more crime bro explan that we dont kno wat ever doing as a races of ppl we need a hight power to tell us what to do and that is God and with out God just look at is this way me the wold is FUCKED no madder wat we do ever religion talks about arageddin and what ever thing it sayed in the bible has come true so fare theres only a cupple more steps tell the prophecy has come true and all hell will brake loose so just ask your self this if there is no god how would thy kno about all this shit going down today 2000years ago i wanna hear back from you

and bro i got anther questan for you how did the big bang start if there was nothing there i mean how could there be anything there because the universe no adams or anything i mean how could of there bin a big bang unless a god or a higher power there

and how come people can have a demonic possession were thy make all these fuck up voiceses when a preast or an exorsist it spraying them withy holy water how dose holy water work so well to get rid of possession so bad if there was no suck thing as god

because for one thing people wouldnt get possessed or any of that shit if there was no god so plase buddy anyer all my questions i want to kno im hopping to hear back from you

trevor Wed Dec 7 21:31:55 2005

If there is a god and he is supposedly omnipotent (which for all of you stupid people means all-powerful), as the scriptures state, then why does god not take responsibility for the miserable and agonizing death of a child in south America diagnosed with melanoma or leprosy? An innocent and blameless child encounters incalculable suffering….. yet god does nothing to accommodate. Where is he? Is he jerking off in the corner waiting for a few more prayers from momma and poppa to justify the “miracle” that they will receive? Please explain this to me so I might actually start respecting this inadequate entity that you call god and I see as nothing but random and anything but intelligent?!?!?

I think the first guy is being a little too harsh on these G-d following people.

It’s not THEIR fault that they are so insecure about their lives that they need to believe that a better life comes after.

It’s not THEIR fault that thier lives are so pathetic that they need to fill it with “G-d.”

It’s not THEIR fault that they can’t see that relgion is, and has always been, a way to keep control of the minds of the common people.

And it’s not THEIR fault that they can’t deal with not knowing all the answers, so they say “G-d did it” to everything which has not yet been explained.

It’s just the way they were raised, yo.

Hurrah for religious debate! Thu Jun 29 08:01:29 2006

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