This Space for Rent

It’s not that surprising to find that the party that specializes in acting like the Mafia…

... is also the party that consorts with them.

That month SunCruz [Abramoff's casino group -- ed] made the first of $145,000 in payments to Moscatiello and his daughter. Three checks for $10,000 each were made to his daughter, Jennifer Moscatiello. A fourth check for $115,000 was made to Gran-Sons, a company the Moscatiellos ran. The payments were for catering, consulting and "site inspections," Kidan said in a civil court deposition in 2001.

There is no evidence that any food or drink were provided or that any consulting documents were prepared, according to court documents.

The one degrees of separation between DeLay and the casino group that paid the accused hit-men US$290,000 for "catering", "consulting", and "on-site inspections" is only surprising in that nobody seem to care enough about being found out to hide it.