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So, this is rolling up your sleeves and getting involved, Evil Party style

Apparently, the polls are running against the Coward in Chief strongly enough so the inhabitants of Mount Doom on the Potomac are being forced to do something to show they care about the little people. So, what to do?

I know!

Mrs. Maximum Leader Genius will go on a television show and stand around and look decorative while the actors of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition do a charity giveaway. Uhh, okay. So, why show up on a television show instead of doing a Jimmy Carter and helping Habitat for Humanity actually build houses?

Why, it's simple; Habitat for Humanity isn't a television show and doesn't have 15.8 million viewers who the White House thinks will be impressed by Mrs. Maximum Leader Genius when she stands around and looks decorative. And don't forget that Jimmy Carter is a member of the D*m*cr*t*c P*rt*, and supporting something he supports would be considered consorting with the enemy by the mouthbreathers and bible-thumpers who make up the modern Evil Party.

(via No Capital)