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When running a test script on a Linux machine, don't forget to validate your input so you don't end up doing something like, um, «fuser -km /», particularly when it's 2am Sunday morning and you're sitting at home in your bathrobe.

For some reason, ssh and inetd don't take too well to having the entire system killed out from underneath them.


Oh yeah. :)

My server is 30 minutes away and only available during "business hours" but that hasn't stopped me from accidently shutting down the "wrong" computer because I was in a terminal sshed into the server. Or screwing around with the firewall and locking out ssh (which is the only way to talk to the server remotely). Yep. I done some wonderful things. :)

I haven't fuser myself to death yet, but I suspect it's just a matter of time. :)

Lynn Mon Jan 10 18:35:37 2005

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