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Evil Party moral values! (pt 2)

War not going the way you'd like? Pesky resistance fighters controlling the countryside and blowing up your tanks?


Solve those pesky asymmetric warfare problems by forming death squads to get rid of that annoying native population!

(Ooops, those were actually American nuns. Oh well, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs!)

Welcome to hell, citizen. No, the blood won't wash off.

(link via The Light of Reason)


Violent peace. Buy it right now!

Why, oh WHY, do you hate the fragrant flowering of Democracy so very, very much?

William Sun Jan 9 11:10:54 2005

Nuns Dare Call It Treason!

What I find hilarious is not dead Nuns or the thousands of central americans in mass graves in El Salvador or Guatamala, or Nicaragua--no, what I find funny is the lack of all those conservative experts on El Salvador or Guatamala or Nicaragua that used to endlessly talk about Central America in the eighties.

They're just gone! Poof!

For a while, they talked about Afghanistan. They knew everything about Kabul and Tora Bora and then...poof!

Gone again!

And now, for nearly two years, they know everything about Iraq. All about the cities, the people, the culture, the economy...

When's that Iraqi election?

I'm just wondering so I'll know when the conservative "experts" on Iraq will likewise just--"poof"--disappear...

ricky Mon Jan 10 00:24:02 2005

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