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Well, that explains Th*m*s K*nk*d*

Granta Books has published an, um, interesting book that, if this review is to be believed, tells about the sinister conspiracy between MOMA and the CIA to promote abstract art.

I find it hard to believe.

Now, if the book was showing CIA support of the whole big-eyed-whale-on-black-velvet genre of modern art (personified by Th*m*s K*nk*d*, Wyl*nd, and a supporting cast of thousands) I'd be much more likely to believe it. Massive financial support from a government is about the only way I can see that sort of art getting any sort of following. But abstract art ? As long as people have been doing art, they've been doing abstract art, so I can't see how a little bit of CIA payola would make any difference.

(link via Ken MacLeod)