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At least this time it wasn’t a push poll

The bigots behind the Hate Amendment called me tonight, and their Evil Robot™ started rattling some nonsense about how the righteous were lying to get people to oppose this piece of evil filth. I had two small children in the room with me, so I couldn't go off on a profanity-laced tirade against the hate amendment (and, due to the small children, I didn't even understand that this phone call was from the evil bigots anyway), so after talking over their conversation by saying I already voted, so there's no point talking to me about 50 times, I hung up (and then realized that they said righteous (they actually said opponents, but it's the same thing), so instead of if being a call from the no on 36 people it was from the mouth of Satan himself.)

It almost makes me wish the Christians were telling the truth and there was an afterlife. It would be worth a lot to see the backers of the hate amendment impaled on skewers, roasting slowly over a bed of coals while Satan's kitchen staff prepare the rest of the Friday dinner.