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Endorsement: No to the hate amendment and the horse it rode in on.

I've been putting off writing a list of endorsements on the various Oregon and Multnomah County measures, but the bigots who are supporting the Hate Amendment have managed, through their nonstop lying (endorsed, of course, by that scumbag Gordon Smith, who fully supports the queer community as long as he doesn't have to support any of our civil liberties), to drive me to the keyboard today.

On measure 36 (the we-hate-queers amendment, round 10,000), my vote will be



Aside from the small detail that it's stripping people of their civil liberties (I've looked the US constitution over, and nowhere do I see any mention of marriage in it), and the small detail that it's yet another part of the right-wing fundamentalist war against our secular state, the bigots are just making shit up about it:

We must protect the chiiiildren
The hate amendment says nothing about children. Not one goddamn thing. It may come as a surprise to the mouthbreathing bigots who are pushing the hate amendment, but people don't have to be married to have children! Really. And making gay people into second class citizens won't take their children away, unless the hate amendment is simply a sneaky way for the Evil Party to start making gays into the 21st century version of the Jews in their national purity party.
Traditional Marriage! Traditional Marriage!
Gay marriages are now traditional marriages. And the Islamic theocracies that the hate amendment people are wishing to remake the United States to look like allow the equally traditional one man/a whole bunch of women marriage (and it's not just the theocratic states; the Mormons used to allow plural marriage until the United States did much the same sort of stunt against them. If Gordon Smith had even the tiniest sense of honor, he'd remember this before supporting the hate amendment).
It's not really an amendment to the constitution
Nonsense. Absolute pure-grade nonsense. Doesn't the Bible say something about false witness? Oh, yeah, it's in a little document called the 10 commandments, which were apparently hand-delivered to Moses by some shifty character called G-d.
Oh, you can get all those rights and restrictions without being married
The 9th commandment would apply here. Unless the translation from the Hebrew is incorrect, I don't think the 9th amendment has any part reading «but if you don't like your neighbor, shoot, lie as much as you want!»
We must defend marriage!
And how does this defend marriage? If someone can only be married if it's a secret clubhouse that says "N0 FAGGOTS ALLOWED!!?!", that's a problem with them, not a problem with the definition of marriage.

The fact that the supporters of this piece of shit feel compelled to lie and make shit up should be enough to make any sentient human vote no with great force.


Hip, hip, hurray! three cheers for sentience!

oldman Sun Oct 17 05:44:01 2004

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