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At long last, sir, have you no sense of decency? Have you no shame?

The Evil Party in Wisconsin:

The Evil Party in Ohio:

  1. Bogus you can't vote mail? No problem!
  2. Thousands of "poll watchers" to slow down voting in neighborhoods that traditionally vote for the Democratic Party candidate? We're right on it!
  3. Sending out GOP fundraising letters to neighborhoods that traditionally vote for the Dems, then challenging voter eligibility when the letters are, understandably, refused. The GOP is here to save the day!

There's no bottom. It's slime all the way down.


What really makes me sad is that we, as Americans, tolerate that garbage. There's no political price to pay for being human feces. Negative wins. Facts don't matter so long as the lies stick. So sad.

- Rob

Jalpuna! Fri Oct 29 13:02:59 2004

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