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The RS-351, an actual commercial product offered by the MTRR’s Iberville shops

Iberville RS-351 prototype #461
Very vaguely based on the RS-27 profile drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop,
then mashed into a RS-351 by me @ my dining room table

After the two RS-151s, the two RS-251s, the FA-151, the RSD-551, the BLW251, and DL-109m #453, the MTRR shops were actually fairly confident that they could produce a locomotive that didn’t have to work exlusively around southern Québec while the shop crews hovered anxiously in the hall for the inevitable disaster.

So upper management called their bluff and said if you think you can do it, do it!

Concord(NH) Power & Light was in the process of decommissioning a coal power station (replacing it with a gas turbine) and didn’t need their plant switcher (a RS-3) anymore. When the MTRR shops caught wind of the sale, they bought the offending switcher, shipped it up to Canada, and did a complete remanufacturing job on it; it was cut down to the frame, and a new superstructure (sealed engineroom, low short hood & RS-11-style cab) was built, then filled with a 251F-8 (1800 HP; MLW had not been idle at improving the power profile of their 251 manufacturing process) and new control electronics) and then sent out on the MTRR & LT&L secondary lines for a year of not-too-horrifying testing, after which it did a demonstration tour around north america, coming back home to a delighted sales department, which had already received a dozen orders from various Alco holdouts.

Eventually this little niche of remanufacturing old Alcos branched out into remanufacturing old GMD/EMD and GE/GEC units, but that’s in the future. But here’s #461, freshly off the road from the demonstration tour and painted into blue + white so it can go into revenue service again.