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PV&T class H electric (ex KCC #401)
source profiles drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop, and the KCC 400 was drawn by me @ my dining room table

When KCC shut off the power on the electric railroad inside their Bingham Canyon mine, 5 of the 7 400 class 125 ton electrics were still undisposed of. Traffic levels were starting to inch up again in the NE and the PV&T was starting to feel a power pinch, so those 5 units were purchased (4 for operation, 1 –#406 – for spare parts), shipped back east, given a bit of work in the shops, then released onto the railroad for helper, trailing road locomotive (couldn’t lead because no toilet compartment!), and heavy switching service.

The mining locomotive-height cab is liked by the crews, even though getting up into that cab is not liked so much. When they arrived on the property, they still had the KCC’s catwalks along the sides of the hoods, which the safety department did not like at all; the catwalks were removed, leaving only the side ladders, which the crews loathed with an all-consuming passion, and then were replaced with actual walkways which were fine except it put these units well into overwide territory.

But the price was good, and it put a few more units into switching and banking service!