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Future nostalgia

A blast from the future
Very vaguely based on the SD20A profile drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop,
then mashed into an EMD251 by me @ my dining room table

In the 1990s, the supply of used first-generation Alcos started to run a little thin, so the MTRR shops (doing locomotive remanufacturing under the name “Iberville Locomotive Works”) started using 567'ed GP & SD machines as the base for the RSX51 locomotives.

This is one of the earlier demonstrators; it started as a wreck-damaged SD35, got a 3700HP 251F-16 instead of the 2500HP 567, had a low long hood fabricated from the remains of the SD35’s original long hood and redid the electrical to a more state of the art control package. After the obligatory year of testing on the LT&L’s south shore line (still not electrified!) and the MTRR, it was sent out on a demonstration tour of various industrial & terminal railroads (not many Alco strongholds left at this late date, and those that were left had their own shop crews that kept their machines running so didn’t have too much interest in a remanufactured 251 from a third party.) It was bought by the Vancouver(BC) Terminal Railway to replace a pair of elderly SD9s halfway through the demonstration tour, so it never returned to Québec from the tour, but spent the rest of its days shuffling cars around North Vancouver.