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A giant steeplecab in traction orange

Fell incline motor #276, which went to the SVT after the incline was closed
Template(s) drawn by Joshua Moldover) & Kelly Lynch, via The Railroad Paint Shop

276 (and its now-scrapped siblings 277 & 278) were built as B-(2?A)-B fell incline locomotives to supplement and eventually replace the steam units on the (max 1 in 10!) Mount Cube ramp. However, the PV&T purchased the B&M line from Plymouth to Wellsville when it was abandoned after WW2 and the fell incline was /immediately/ closed and dismantled, leaving this engine without a job, at least until the old Southern Vermont Traction line from Pownal to Arlington needed a dedicated locomotive.

So, after a quick tuneup (and removal of the unneeded Fell rail truck) and a coat of traction orange (there is street running through Bennington, but not much traffic to the north side of town now that the line to Arlington has been abandoned, so a somewhat more eyecatching paint scheme was needed) this one locomotive went off to Vermont to spend the next 50 or so years shuttling freight between Bennington & Pownal.