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It’s the Canadian content we all crave

It's the Canadian content we all crave
Template(s) drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop

By the time 1980s rolled around the MTRR’s Iberville shops were starting to get a reputation for being able to rebuild old Alcos into the functional equivalent of what Alco might have been producing if not for being dead – not the high horsepower units that MLW was producing, but they’d take an old locomotive and update it to a suitably-sized 251ed machine with everything else reconditioned and updated to fit.

Which meant that when the shop crews had a wild idea for how to update a PV&T locomotive the rest of the maintenance department would just avert their eyes and leave them to it; in this case, crew complaints about the last two LT&L rs-1s had reached the point where the railroad needed to either retire the units or upgrade them to MLW-style wide-nosed safety/comfort cabs, and the shops expressed their extreme enthusiasm for the idea of doing the rebuild themselves.

So. A MLW rs-1 + the cab of Amtrak sdp40f #578 + some metalwork to fill in the length gap between a rs-1 cab + short hood and a sdp40f cab and #362 was good for another 40 years of service (still with the original 539 tuned up to a whopping 1100 HP for those branch line trains & switching jobs where too many HP was wasteful excess.)