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Commuter MU
Template(s) drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop

The first of the Budd cars that the PV&T bought in 1960 to try and keep some passenger traffic on the Portland to Montréal route (which sorta kinda worked; there were enough riders so it wasn’t a total embarrassment to the bottom line) and which became commuter cars (on the Boston-Lowell line) when Amtrak & VIA Rail Canada (the cars went north to the Montréal to Québec City route for the intervening 4 years) took over (pretty much) all the intercity passenger services in the United States & Canada.

Note the pilots; Budd would have been happy to put RDC-style pilots on these RDC-style interurban cars, but the PV&T preferred bar pilots and asked to have the cars delivered w/o pilots so the Portland shops could fit them out with PV&T-standard ones.