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Protecting the sanctity of marriage, my ass!

In Canada, they're moving towards same-sex marriage at a federal level, but in the Oregon, where the bigots have already made gayfolk officially second-class citizens, the local branch of the Evil Party is trying to enact supplemental legislation to

  1. ban civil unions (SB 799) and
  2. officially discriminate against gay people when considering adoptions (HB 2401)

Remember the line about civil unions should be enough? Well, no, not according to the Evil Party. As far as the Evil Party is concerned, the only good gay is a dead gay (unless he's working in the White House, or is otherwise high enough in the ranks of the Evil Party so it becomes just a little bit of Schutzstaffel fun and games), and if they can start their great crusade by doing a bit of traditional family values! flim-flammery, why, that's okay, because once you get people used to people being vanished and tortured, nobody will care anymore.

Protecting the sanctity of marriage, yeah, right. That and 25¢ won't even get you a copy of the local paper, or even a phone call when they pull you in on some trumped-up morals charge.

(tip of the hat to the Portland Mercury, for reporting about these evil bills.)


I certainly agree with your analysis. It sickens me that SOME people will argue one way, then when they win, they immediately go back on what they said. I wonder if it's too late to move to Canada? Our northern friends seem to moving in a more compassionate direction.

Trey Smith Sun Mar 6 03:26:21 2005

Here is SB 799, by the way.

The One True b!X Sun Mar 6 09:45:21 2005

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