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Cleaning up the basement floor with recycled lumber

Up until today, all of the things I've built have been built on the basement floor, the dining room table, the front porch, and the driveway. This is not exactly the most sensible way of building things, not the least because it ends up with the floor being covered with bits and pieces of works in progress, most of which, due to them sitting on the floor, never actually get past the in progress stage.

I've already built a tiny workbench for the bears, so they can have a table to do their projects on (but, since I've been using the floor, they mainly ignore their table and do their projects on the floor, where people can step on them and twist their ankles), but not anything for myself. Around the time I was building the dollhouse for the bears, I completely ran out of room and decided it was time to build a workbench for myself.

Aside from the screws and bolts I used to attach this thing together, it's all made from recycled lumber. I used some of the 2x4s I salvaged from the ex-deck, and 2x4s and plywood from a couple of pallets I brought home from work (the 2x4s from the pallets are all warped, thus continuing my tradition of building crooked furniture.)

It took me about four hours to build this workbench (but about 10 days calendar time, due to mysterious time-eating gremlins.) And within about a hour of finishing it, a couple of the in progress projects have migrated up to the workbench and one of them is finally finished.

But now I need to build a second workbench, so I can have a frame to hold the close-to-level chunk of granite I bought at a rummage sale at one of the local stonecutters. But that will probably be waiting until I clear some of the things to do backlog.