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Now that I’ve got my first two series done for the year (permanent series, so they don’t count for PBP credit or for most of the organized 1200k rides out there. I’m too agoraphobic to deal with a 1200k ride with 5000 of my closest friends, and if I’m going to ride 1200k solo there’s no point in spending several hundred dollars to do so) I need to find some good ways to use up the consumables on the mlcm and the GT before this summer is up.

Maybe it’s time to consider a fixie series? I’ve managed to shove the GT up to Pipeline Road a couple of times, and there aren’t any ramps much steeper than that on the High Rock 300, the Logger, or the Hot Springs/Covered Bridges 400k – the two Portland-loop 600s I know about (Portland-Portland-Portland! and Grawp!) have some insanely steep ramps, but they aren’t all that long in the grand scheme of things (Clapshaw Hill Road would probably take about 30 minutes to shove a fixie up, and Gilbert Creek Road would take about 2 hours) so they are dimly feasable if I can avoid hardware or weather-releated failures on the second day.

But in any case I’ll take it easy and do a 200k this upcoming weekend, then High Rock (and Sellwood to Hood & Back, perhaps?) next weekend, which will give me a good starting point if I want to do another series before my birthday at the end of July.


Big Wild Ride takes perms as qualification. It starts on the 21st in Valdez, AK. You’d rock it. Probably not yet full.

Lynne Fri Jul 12 20:13:21 2013

I’m sure it would be fun, but $425? Plus transit costs? Plus being away from home for six days?

I know I don’t have the money for it, and I most likely don’t have the time for it either :-( No, if I do a 1200 this year I’ll just cobble together a 1200 from odds and ends sometime in August (Grawp! followed by Hot Springs-Covered Bridges followed by The Larch would give me about 1260k, as well as a suitably insane amount of climbing) when my family is in Mississippi and I’ve got 13 days by myself.

David Parsons Fri Jul 12 20:59:22 2013

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