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During the first day of my latest 600k the outside of my right knee started to hurt a bit. I wrote this off to the teeny detail that I’d not done much riding at all since last weekend’s 600k, but yesterday it was still hurting and when I looked down at the offending appendage I noticed first that my foot was rotating outwards on downstrokes and secondly, and more horrifyingly, that there seemed to be a rip on the outside of my right shoe and that my foot was attempting to escape out that hole.


The soles of the shoes had been getting kind of floppy this spring, so it was clear that they were on their last legs, but I was kind of hoping that they’d hang on a little longer.

Oh, well, time to start digging through the used shoe bins at the CCC again. Maybe I’ll find a nice pair of used Sidi’s or something along that line in size 10.5 regular human width.


It would be quite impressive to get ten million metres out of a pair of walking shoes, I don’t see why cycling shoes would be tougher, it’s still energy transmission even if there’s less abrasion.

Mine go a lot sooner than that in the soles, and I start getting cleat-back blisters on the ball of my foot, which as an incentive to get new cycling shoes go is as strong a one as I ever hope to experience.

Graydon Tue Jul 2 09:29:17 2013

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