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Angrier Bees

I looked around online to see if there were any greases/lubes that I could use to repack my skipping Angry Bee without going out and spending a lot of money for a teeny tube of Ringdrive lube, and a couple of places mentioned that Pedro’s Syn Lube would work. And, by happy coincidence, I had some of that lying around.

So I pulled the hub apart (after clamping an allen wrench in a vice, dropping the wheel onto it, then giving a mighty heave with the other allen wrench,) carefully lifted the ringdrive spline piece to one side, then poured in Syn Lube and put the whole thing back together.

I tried to make the thing not engage, with no success, but the big difference was that the previously muted cry of the angry bee had become much more enthusiastic. Good. This will give me some audible feedback to tell me the next time I have to pull the hub apart and relube the inner workings.