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Annoying mechanical failure of the day

Today I went out and rode One Big Hill again (with a bonus hour dropped in because I was going to set a secret control for three riders who started half an hour after I did – I guess I’m getting faster, because even my out of shape “oh lord these hills are hard” mode put me 30 minutes up on them by the time I was 36 miles out) and about the time my legs had had enough and started just not working on climbs (Like, um, Leland Road, which I did manage to big-ring up even though I felt like throwing up for about half the climb (I didn’t throw up, though)) the Angry Bee hub on the mlcm started to just not engage when I’d start pedaling after stopping or coasting for a while.

The Chris King website claims that this is a symptom of the lubrication getting low, so that’s a simple case of just getting a bit of Ringdrive lube, taking the freehub off the rest of the hub, and either applying new lube or cleaning the Angry Bee mechanism and repacking it with lube. And fortunately for me hub only lost engagement over about 30% of a pedal rotation, so I could back&forward pedal to engage it after it failed.

I can always drop a new rear wheel onto the bicycle while I’m rebuilding this hub, or I can use the project bike for the couple of days it will take to get some of that lube.