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camera “repairs”

Horrible camera kludge of the day

The battery bay door on my ancient creaky Nikon L6 throwaway camera failed and tends to pop open and render the camera unusable when I’m riding a brevet/populaire (where I’m not going to stop to futz with it because I’m still trying to get that sub-4 populaire/sub-8 200k/sub-12 300k.) It did it again today when I was riding down to Estacada, so I didn’t get a photo of Mount Hood wreathed in clouds as I transited Amisigger Road.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with the camera that bolting a L-shaped piece of brass bar won’t fix (I would have preferred to use stainless steel, but I had brass barstock in the basement so I used what was on hand.) I drilled a couple of holes in the camera, then bolted the bar on so it would clip the battery bay door closed. I don’t know how long this will work for, since I’ll need to unbolt the bar when I charge the batteries, but I guess I could always epoxy some nuts into the case if the boltholes strip out.