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A ridiculously heavily loaded xtracycle

I bought a used torch via craigslist, and when I went to pick it up I discovered that it wasn’t just the torch, but

This was about 120 pounds of stuff (the fork brazing jig is heavy – at least 60 pounds by itself, maybe more) but I managed to fit all of it onto the trek and bring it, slowly, home.

(and then when I got home I discovered that the tubing I’d ordered had arrived, so now I can braze up a couple more racks plus replace the horrible stays on my pink fenders with stiffer external stays made from 3/16th cromoly steel tubing, but that’s a different story for a later date.)


Did I miss the Trek getting a new coat of paint? That’s a really robust red.

Be very curious as to how the 3/16th fender says work out.

Graydon Tue Feb 19 19:29:49 2013

That’s not a repaint; that’s an entirely new front-end. The old aluminum frame developed a crack in the ds chainstay right where the chainstay fits over the BB lug, so I had to swap the frontend for a similarly vintaged Trek 400.

The 1000 is sitting in the basement while I decide whether to try and re-epoxy the existing rear end back on or to (now that I’ve got a reasonable torch) build an integrated xtracycle backend, rip the existing rear end off, and epoxy the new one on instead.

Yes, it is a fairly nice red. Notice that I swapped out the dynohub for a nice red PV-8 to match it :-)

David Parsons Tue Feb 19 19:47:33 2013

And a very fine match that is, too.

Must remember to embiggen the bike pics.

How are you finding the PV-8s? Good, decent, surpassingly excellent?

Graydon Wed Feb 20 17:39:25 2013

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