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finally, 10,000 RUSA km for the year

I was planning on riding One Big Hill to push myself over 10 megameters of finished RUSA brevets/permanents, but I woke up all congested this morning and my sinuses didn’t start clearing out until noon. So, instead, I went out and re-rode the Estacada 100 (trying, unsuccessfully, for a sub-4 finish) to just barely shove myself over the goal.

Maybe I’ll be able to do a 200 next Sunday (can’t do it Saturday, because I’m staffing the closing control for the Verboort Flat Tire Extravaganza!) to make up for falling down on the job today (or maybe I’ll try an early-morning re-rerun of the Estacada 100 tomorrow for another try at that elusive sub-4 finish?)