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The vegan horror

Variations on a (vegan) theme

North Carolina BBQ with tempeh and vinegar slaw. Is it better than BBQ pork? I don’t know, and it would be cheating to run a taste test, but this dish was really good (hack up tempeh into cubes, fry it for a few minutes until browned on all sides, then turn off the heat, pour in some North Carolina vinegar sauce from the fridge, and stir until it stops boiling. Dump it over a bed of vinegar slaw – the Big Big Store is selling what they call “Harvest Slaw”, which is cabbage,carrots,kale,turnips, and fennel – and try not to eat in one big bite.)


Oh dear. I’d probably need two bowls to plumb the depths of the horror. Maybe even thirds.

Francois Tue Sep 25 16:51:16 2012

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