This Space for Rent

Look what I found!

Look, I found a cotter pin!

I wanted to go out and ride Kevin Brightbill’s Nicolas Flamel populaire this morning to check out the layering I’m trying to use on these fall days when the day starts out at ~50°F and goes up to ~70°F in the afternoon, and I wanted to finish the 64 mile loop in < 4 hours.

I was hovering on the edge of a sub-4 pace when I reached Gresham, but that pace went right out the window when I exited Gresham via Orient Drive – a drift of gravel at an intersection turned out to be a drift of gravel + stabby things, and the result of the stabby things was about a 45 minute delay before I could continue on (and it also meant that I made it to Sandy after the earlier church services had let out and I had to stand in line for about 25 minutes to get donuts to bring home) and a total loop time of 5h13 (moving time of 4h04, grrr!)

Oh well, so it goes. That sub-4 populaire will happen sooner or later.

(YTD miles are now about 9000, completed RUSA brevet km is at 8081, and my rolling 30 day average is 1750 miles. Can I do another 1000 miles in the next 3.25 months, and another 1200 RUSA brevet miles? Yes, and Mmmmaybe.)