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Bicycle photo of the day

Low light trek, loaded with groceries

I am now three rides behind on write-ups, plus I need to do the route descriptions for the High Rock 300 (which I might do again next weekend, if the weather is good; if I don’t have to stop for route annotation purposes and info control picking, and if I don’t ride a fast 100k the day before, I might be able to chop an hour or so off the loop time, and if I can do an alpine 300 in 70% of the allotted time I would be a very happy camper indeed) and Hot Springs-Covered Bridges 400k. But those will take time, and it’s almost bedtime in Chateau Chaos, so instead here’s a picture of my Trek loaded with a bucketload of groceries.

Note that the front wheel has a 26mm tire, and the back wheel has a 27mm tire.

This, as they say, gives me all of it (unlike the iPhone, which only gives me some of it in the camera ergonomics and performance department.)