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Oh, yes

High Rock

I’m in the throes of riding my High Rock 300, and I managed to do the first 200k (including the alpine section with ~8000 feet of climbing, all of which I did in the big ring) in 10h18, including a half hour breakfast break at Ripplebrook on the way up.

Oh, yes, I’m getting faster.

Update: Done. In 14h58.


well, it was fun riding with you back in the day…

Way to go!

Lynne Sat Sep 15 21:47:34 2012

Oh, I’d still be delighted to ride perms with you; just because I /can/ ride a loop at a breakneck pace these days doesn’t mean I’m obliged to do that. I’d rather ride with people, and save my screamingly fast loops for solitary rides like this where I want to be able to complete a 300k without groping my way down from Ripplebrook at night!

David Parsons Sat Sep 15 21:55:48 2012

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